May 15, 2002



Dr. Peter Doering

South Florida Water Management District

3301 Gun Club Road

West Palm Beach, Florida 33416-4680


Dear Dr. Doering:


The Southwest Florida Watershed Council commends the District for implementing pulsed releases to the Caloosahatchee Estuary during the past several months.We understand the demands on the system, especially during periods of below normal rainfall and fully appreciate the Districtís intent to comply with the Recovery and Prevention Strategy outlined in the Minimum Flows and Levels Rule adopted last September.


Salinity levels have been rising in the estuary as of late and we hope there will not be a MFL violation this year.We would also like to list the salinity readings from the Districtís recording instrument in the Caloosahatchee River on the SWFWC web site or provide a link to the Districtís site if available.Salinity information since September 30, 2001 through the most current would be appreciated.Please inform us as to how we might obtain this information or link to it.


Thank you.





Noel Andress, Chairman

Southwest Florida Watershed Council








The mission of the Southwest Florida Watershed Council is to protect, conserve, manage and/or

restore the land and water resources of the Caloosahatchee and Big Cypress Watersheds through participation and cooperation of all stakeholders in consensus building, planning, and decision making to meet the

economic, natural and cultural needs for this and succeeding generations.