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Introduced Species in U.S. Coastal Waters: A PEW Oceans Commission report (pdf)
The National Management Plan (pdf)
Statewide Invasive Species Management Plan for Florida (pdf)
USGS Non-indigenous Species Report (pdf)

USGS Nonindigenous Aquatic Plant Distribution Information

Non-native Species in Our Nation's Estuaries: A Framework for an Invasion Monitoring Program(pdf) NERRS Technical Report Series 2002:1

Environmental Law Institute: Halting the Invasion: State Tools for Invasive Species Management

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A Plague of Rats and Rubbervines
Review From Book News, Inc.
The Global Invasive Species Programme (GISP) was established in 1997 to form an international team of biologists, natural resource managers, economists, lawyers, and policymakers. The GISP's mission is to bring the issue of bioinvasions to the forefront on the international agenda. Baskin's book is part of the effort. Coverage includes the extent and consequences of human rearrangement of the earth's species, and the search for solutions. The author includes suggestions for what we can do...

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PBS Nova Archives
The Impact of Invasive Species
by Alexandre Meinesz

Battling Introduced Wildlife
Daniel Simberloff

Matching Aliens
With Impacts

Matching Aliens With Impacts
Take a look at 10 successful invaders and see if you can match them to the damage they've caused in their new environments.





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