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Sighting Report Form

Please fill in all entries then click the Send Report button below. Your attention to detail in the Location section will help in maintaining a high level of precision when registering this observation. Further details and descriptions regarding this report can be included within the Comments entry area. You will be given full credit for this report which will become public information.

WHO are you and who made the observation?

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Collected/Observed By:

WHAT are you reporting?

Common Name:
Genus: Species:

 ID: Positive/Probable/Unsure

Number collected or amount of infestation:
 Age class (adult, juvenile, young of year)
Method of collection

WHEN was the observation made?

Date of the Observation (mm/dd/yyyy):

WHERE was the observation made?


Actual Location where the observation occurred (please be specific, include drainage system and lat/long if known):

Method of Disposal or current Location of specimen (preserved, discarded, aquarium, pet shop) 



Thank you!




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